The Liedahl Family

A Family History


This is an on-going effort to collect and share as much information as possible to everyone in and connected to the Liedahl family. There are literally hundreds of families associated, and no small part of that number are in Norway!


All photos are freely available to download and reprint as you choose. Should you find yourself lacking a photo printer or the experience to use it, I can make arrangements with you. However, I am not a charity, so most likely I'll arrange to have them printed for you at your local Walgreens, etc. The photo may be picked up and paid or there.


Many, many hours of research and editing have gone into the information (that will be) presented on this site. However, as the researcher(s) are human and can make mistakes or confuse data, please don't get hostile if you see something in error. Simply contact me and I'll make the correction as quickly as I can.


You will never be asked for money for any reason, ever. If you get correspondence that makes you think you need to send money, please let me know WITHOUT SENDING ANY. It's almost certainly a scam.

Enjoy the site!

-Kirt Liedahl