The Liedahl Family

A Family History

Edvard Johnson and Dewey

Edvard Johnson (note the lack of Dewey the dog…)

Edvard Johnson and Dewey

Edvard Johnson (that's not a typo, it's "Edvard") was a neighbor to Carl and Clara Knutson (which means everyone else in the local family tree as well).

While I haven't learned a lot about the gentleman to date, what I have learned is this: his dog, Dewey, would immediately run off as soon as the door opened to his Model T coupe and would remain gone for (usually) the entire visit. When it was time to go, there was a bit of a ritual involved.

Edvard would call, "Dewey" over and over again, and Dewey would never show. Finally, when the line had been crossed, he would bellow, "DEWEY! COME HERE YOU SON OF A BITCH!" and Dewey would come running, having had the extra few minutes for whatever it was he was playing at.

-Kirt Liedahl